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 Photo Price City Acres Lot Dimensions  
View Photo $30,000 OCEOLA TWP 1.16 210x240x210x240 view
View Photo $30,000 OCEOLA TWP 1.27 230x240x230x240 view
View Photo $39,900 CONWAY TWP 4.01 322x532x341x519 view
View Photo $39,900 CONWAY TWP 2 159.19x550.21x159.30x544.30 view
View Photo $64,000 UNADILLA TWP 6.43 473X475X584X584 view
View Photo $165,000 DEERFIELD TWP 10 1013x458x1011x425 view
View Photo $302,000 IMLAY TWP 62.25 688.61x1125.0x1320.78x2589.62 view
View Photo $325,000 HOWELL TWP 5.1 450 x 500 x 450 x 500 view
View Photo $695,000 HOWELL TWP 5.37 398 x 779 x 512 x 458 view